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Every patient receives a specialized and patient-specific rehabilitation plan.
Our expert orthopedic team uses state-of-the-art equipment & highly-effective
evidence based procedures.

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Every patient receives a specialized and patient-specific rehabilitation plan.
Our expert orthopedic team uses state-of-the-art equipment & highly-effective
evidence based procedures.

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Services Offered

Robotic & Computer navigated
Minimally Invasive
Joint Replacements

Joint replacement surgery is offered to patients having severe restriction in activity and/or pain because of damage to the joints. Dr Venkatdeep uses the latest Robotic surgery platform and computer navigation for joint replacement surgery to get the best outcome for the paient. Joint replacement surgeries done by Dr. Venkatdeep include- total hip replacement, Bipolar hemiarthroplasty, Total knee replacement, partial knee replacement (Unicondylar knee replacement), shoulder hemiarthroplasty & reverse shoulder replacement. He also routinely does revision (re-do) replacements for failed/infected replacements of the hip and knee.

Minimally Invasive

Arthroscopic surgeries are commonly done for ligament reconstructions, ligament tears, etc. Some of the common arthroscopic procedures done are anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (PCL), Meniscal repairs, meniscectomy, cartilage procedures like microfracture, Autologous chondrocyte implantation, rotator cuff repair, Bankart repair. It also forms an important part of treatment for young arthritis patients who may be suggested corrective osteotomies for correction of alignment.

Treatments for
Orthopaedic Injuries

Fractures & Trauma- involves the management of injuries. Many fractures and injuries can be managed by conservative(non-surgical) methods. Many require surgical interventions to restore mobility and adequate function to the injured extremity. Commonly done procedures may involve usage of plates and screws or intramedullary nails for fixation of the fractures. Dr Venkatdeep has extensive experience in the management of fractures, complex trauma, open injuries, complex periarticular reconstructions.

Most common
Spine Surgries

One of the most common complaint of patients coming to the out patient is pain in the back or neck. Most patients with spinal disorders are managed only with non-surgical treatment. Some of the spine surgeries done are microscopic discectomies, decompressions, fusion, TLIF, PLIF, ACDF, etc.

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Prime Orthopaedics


In clinic Consult with Dr Venkatdeep about your orthopaedic problems.

Digital X-Ray

Get high-quality digital X-rays done in the house. Digital X-ray offers the convenience of being able to see the images immediately on a computer in greater detail than conventional x-rays.

Second Opinion

Dr Venkatdeep can be consulted to take a second opinion for any orthopedic problem.


In house physiotherapy services are available to patients. Patients are seen by an experienced physiotherapist specializing in orthopedic physiotherapy.

What Our Patients Say

I met with a major accident and had a multiple fractures of the leg. I was very anxious and afraid at that time. Met Dr Venkatdeep at that time, he was so reassuring, confident and patient. He put me and family at ease and gained our trust. He did a surgery for my fractures and throughout the course of my treatment with him, he was absolutely supportive and encouraging and caring. I'm back to normal after the surgery, and without doubt the credit goes to Dr Venkatdeep.

- Srinivas R

Dr. Venkatdeep has a lot of patience to explain all queries, he is helpful and a kind doctor; we are satisfied with his consultation. Would positively recommend this place.

- Harshitha P

Consulted in prime orthopedics clinic for the total knee replacement. My father 70 years, had severe knee pain not able to walk even 100 feet and not able to control with all medicines. We visited dr and he suggested total knee replacement after trying many medicines. Dr. Venkatdeep did the total knee replacement operation and he took very good care of the patient, made him walk the next day of the operation. Surgery was successful and father got discharged 3 days after the operation. Dr. Venkatdeep takes the time to explain all treatment in full details, reassuring and caring. Now my father is walking 2-3 kilometers daily, climbing steps without any pain. We are very happy with the treatment

- Venkatesh R

Very pleasant doctor indeed. He was patient, observant and asked lots of questions and took the time to assess and explain the possible cause and effect of my condition. Did not feel rushed at all, which is the level of service one would expect from doctors but rarely these days.
Love the cleanliness of the clinic and waiting area, the other staff were wonderful and helpful too

- Supriya

I have met Dr Venkatdeep for my ankle sprain and then for long time back pain. He is very patient in listening to problems. Does not prescribe unnecessary tests. He made me realize importance of exercises. He gave few medicines and planned out some exercise regimen for me and now I'm free from back pain and my ankle injury also fully cleared.

- Shwetha

Dr Venkatdeep has done an ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair for my right knee last year. He has always been extremely approachable, easy to talk to and never in a hurry. I'm back to playing football in my club after the rehab he suggested. He takes time to clarify all doubts and puts people at ease. I would recommend seeing him for orthopedic problems without any doubt or hesitation.

- Harish Gowda

My wife was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the knee. We have always liked to travel, but, in the last 3 years my wife lost her mobility due to the pain in her knees and eventually was restricted to household walking. We met Dr Venkatdeep and after consulting at his clinic. He operated my wifes left knee and did a total knee replacement. In 3 weeks time she was walking far more than she had ever done in 3 years!
2 months after the surgery we even travelled to the united states to see our daughter and granddaughter. His approach is reassuring . And never in a hurry. He is very meticulous in his approach. Thank you Dr Venkatdeep!

Seshadri Iyengar

Myself and my wife got knee replacement done with Dr Venkatdeep. My wife got bilateral knee replacement, I underwent right knee replacement. One year back we got the surgery.

Everyday we go for walk, regularly we are travelling out of station to many temples without any pain or difficulty in the knees.

Definitely recommend Dr Venkatdeep for any orthopedic problem. Also, he has got very efficient and good support staff and team. 100% great experience.

- Nagaraj Gupta

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